Taking care of oneself

This summer I’ve decided to practise taking care of myself. I need to. Because I’m actually pretty bad at it. Putting myself down and denying myself the things I long for needs to stop.

Therefore, I am figuring out what I need in order to function my best. The time is ripe to find out. Oddly enough, I’m discovering that I am a better person when I’m kind to myself too – who would’ve known?! I’m a better mom, a better wife – all around a better Nora. And I love being the best possible version of myself!

So the top things I’ve realised I need to give myself is:

#1 – A bit of time alone. When possible, I’m gonna take that moment, those 10 minutes or that hour alone to read, write, have a coffee or just think. I function so much better when prosessing experiences and issues alone before sharing or discussing them with others.

#2 – Go to sleep when I’m tired! Being a mom of an infant, sleep can be pretty hard to come by.  So in order to combat my constant sleep-deprivation, I’m just gonna go to bed early. The next day is so much better when you don’t feel broken from lack of sleep.

#3 – Freedom from worry. I will do my best to solve issues that arise and then I will do my best to let them go. I have been a worrier most of my life, but by remembering that I am still worthy as a person, no matter my circumstances, I actually manage to worry less.

#4 – Allowing myself to enjoy life. When I’ve focused on letting go at #3, I’ve created space for #4: the joys in my life. Allowing myself to be in the moment with my son for instance, just watching him explore his toys, or consciously appreciating a beautiful day out in the city with my family, becomes a richer experience in which I am more present when I remember that I actually am allowed to enjoy life. No matter my circumstances. And when giving myself space and time to write – one of my favourite activities – I become less annoyed when others get to do what they love.

You might just be better for it.
You might just be better for it.


What are your top tips for taking care of oneself?




2 kommentarer om “Taking care of oneself

  1. Fint innlegg :)En utvidelse av punkt 4, som jeg må ta meg selv i ofte: slå av lyden på mobiltelefonen og legge den bort. Det er så mange som går med nesa i mobilen hele dagen. Det er mye en går glipp av ved å glemme å se opp :)Stå på!

    Sendt fra min Samsung Galaxy-smarttelefon.

    Likt av 1 person

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