Everyday choices

For the past few days I have been thinking a lot about choices. About trying to set a good intention for my day every morning.

I am easily overwhelmed by everything I have to do and everything I think I have to do. So three days ago I wrote my to-do list down on paper to empty my head and give myself a chance to be more present. Then I took a moment to set my intention for the day, as simple and as hard as it sounds:

I will do my best to be positive. I will respond as kindly as I can. I will breathe and take in the moment. 

And honestly, my days have been better since. I have indeed felt more present, like I am living «inside» my life and not just watching it drive by me.

I consider this conscious intention to be a building block of my life. As each choice is. Which «bricks» and what kind of «mortar» do I allow to become my life? It’s my choice to make.

Every day.


How do you build your life_funlit




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