24 / 7 responsive

to the words in my head.
I did get out of bed

(at 3.27 am)
to write
this little poem.

So. I’m a Norwegian who loves writing, both in English and Norwegian. I’ve always been a bit of a nerd when it comes to language and words, especially the right word in the right context. A well-written text is what makes my brain cells throw a real party. In the evenings, there’s a fair chance you’ll find me hunched over my large dictionaries or searching intently online, always on a quest for that perfect phrase.

I have lived both in the US and the UK. A piece of my heart still resides in London. Although it’s been a few years since I last lived in an English speaking country, I still think in English half the time. I even dream in English. And when having a discussion with myself, there’s usually one side arguing in Norwegian and the other one in English. No wonder then, perhaps, that I ended up with a higher education in language, culture, literature, creative writing, media and communication.

Throughout my life I have struggled with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of self-worth, intrusive thoughts and insomnia due to things that have happened to me. I have fallen time and time again. But, refusing to give up, I have gotten back on my feet just as many times. Somewhere along the path, a fire inside me ignited, and I have found my own unique way out of the misery. I want to use my story and my experiences to help others who are struggling mentally and emotionally. I wish to use my words to speak for those that still can’t speak for themselves, and provide a new perspective for those who don’t have the prerequisite to understand. I guess I’ll just have to be myself. There’s not much else I’ve got left to offer anyways.

I currently live in Oslo, Norway with my husband and our beautiful son. In addition to mental health and writing, I care about pop culture, friends, family, literature, travel, animal welfare, play on words, anything raspberry, self-development and things to ponder. Also, I love the Backstreet Boys. Having been a fan for 20 years, I doubt my fandom will disappear anytime soon.

The name of my blog, funlit, is a combination of the Norwegian words “funderinger”, meaning “musings”, and “litteratur”, which – yeah, you guessed it! – means “literature”. At the moment, I am posting both in Norwegian and English. Just click on the “In English”-button at the top if you wish to go straight to my English content.

I hope everyone finds something they like here on funlit, or at least something to ponder! I am very appreciative of comments and feedback.


Nora Graff Kleven

June, 2016

Nora Graff Kleven - funlit - Funderinger og Litteratur
Nora Graff Kleven – funlit – Funderinger og Litteratur